Sacramento Area Modelers
Warbird Pylon Racing

Registration is done by texting (916) 705-7778 the following information

MUST include all information in the order i have listed to be accepted as a pre-registration. 

You will recieve a text back with a confirmation of acceptance.

Please text one class only per text. 

Multiple classes per text get confusing and I am trying to make it easier on everyone.

Pilot Name

AMA Number

Name of Race 

Class (1 class per text)

Plane discription (Primary Only)

The SAM Warbird Races are a Reno style radio control air racing series. The event showcases WWII era fighter planes, many of which are modeled after full scale aircraft that have competed in the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada.

Four to five races are hosted annually, concessions with food are available to spectators and participants, and raffles and prizes are offered to worker volunteers and pilots at the end of each event. Also, many SAM members are willing to tutor and help the novice pilot learn what is needed to participate in the exciting event.

Pilots compete in three classes, Bronze, Silver, and Gold with airplane speeds reaching from 90 to 180 mph. Along with honing their skills for the fast and sometimes fierce pylon racing, the entries also work to perfect the their model building skills to try and achieve that technical edge required to make it to the podium for a first, second, or third place trophy.

Next Warbird Race
April 6 & 7, 2024

2024 Warbird Race Information and Pilots

3/10/24 Warbird Racing Workshop (Not SAM Series)

Registration Open


4/6/24 & 4/7/24  Big Kahuna Memorial Warbird Pylon Race (SAM Series) 

Registration Opens 2/6/24


6/29/24 & 6/230/24  Turn & Burn Warbird Race  (SAM Series)

Registration Opens 4/5/24


9/14/24 & 9/15/24    18th Annual Trashman & YS Classic Warbird Race (SAM Series)

Registration Opens 6/28/24


11/2/24   Bigwood Winterfest Warbird Pylon Race (NOT SAM Series)

Registration Opens 9/13/24