Why fly at a non family friendly environment?

Why fly uninsured?

Why fly where you do not have electricity or water?

Why fly where you do not have covered pit tables?

Why fly without being trained ?

Why fly by yourself?

Come check us out and you will see why we ask these questions.

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The Sacramento Area Modelers club features one of the premier flying sites on the West Coast, located at 11,000 Florin Road and has a paved access road, pit area and runway with adjacent grass strip provided for belly landings and gliders. We have covered setup areas with electricity to each table, A "clubhouse" (The Auger Inn), manicured lawns with shade trees, running water and restroom facilities, and a snack bar which is open during our scheduled events.

With the severity of the Corona Virus, some of the events COULD BE suspended for next year until further notice. This decision was not made lightly and was based on health and safety for everyone.   When the Corona virus subsides, the events that were suspended will be reevaluate and we will post the new event(s) date(s) for the rest of the year. Please watch for future updates on this website and facebook.  Go the the events page to see what events we have and what is currently not effected.

The flying field will stay open for general flying like normal.

Please stay safe and healthy and remember to keep your hand and face clean at all times.

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